Free Pattern Cloche Hat!

Free Pattern Cloche Hat!

Free Pattern Cloche Hat

The Downton Style Cloch Free Crochet Pattern by The Hooked Haberdasher

Here we go friends, a new pattern release! I absolutely love the fashion of the 1900’s, and the roaring 20’s is one of my favorite decades for women’s hats! Worked up in both solid and two-tone colors, this was a fun one! So, without further adieu, let’s get on with the business of just how to make your very own hat from my design “The Downtown Style Cloche”, shall we?!? Oh, wait, I almost forgot – spread the word by adding this pattern to your favorites and queue on Ravelry!

Quick & Easy Crochet Cowls with Tamara Kelly on Craftsy

Skill Level: Advanced beginner
Worsted weight yarn, category 4 (samples made with Red Heart Soft, Hobby Lobby I love this yarn)
Solid version: 5 oz., approximately 250-300 yds
Two-Tone version: Main color – 4 oz., approx. 200-250 yds; coordinating color – 1 oz., approx. 50 yds
Hook size – H8/5.0mm
Stitch Marker
Tapestry needle
*Optional Rose Embellishment – sport weight yarn, size E/3.5mm hook makes a 3-1/2” diameter rose. Models made with Bernat Cotton-ish yarn.
Craftsy Crochet Cables ClassAffiliate link
CC=coordinating color
Hdc=half double crochet
Lhdc=linked half double crochet
LDC=linked double crochet
LTC=linked triple/treble crochet
MC=main color
Sc=single crochet
Sl st(s)=slip stitch(es)
Yo=yarn over


Adult – One Size fits Most (21-23” head circumference)


H hook- hdc, 12 sts x 8 rows=4”

How to read this pattern:

  1. When a number precedes the st, that number of sts need to be worked into the st. Example: 2hdc, hdc 4 = two hdc into same st, hdc in next four sts.
  2. Asterisks indicate to repeat stitches within the ** as instructed.
  3. Parentheses ( ) at the end of a row = total st for that row.


  • The Hat Body portion of this pattern is worked in the round (spiral fashion) without joining, using half double crochet stitches
  • Place your stitch marker in the first stitch of each round and move up with each consecutive round.
  • Mark the first stitch of round 9 with a different color of scrap yarn
  • If you’d like to make your Downton Style cloche hat two-tone, change colors with the last pull through of R20, and continue with the brim portion of the pattern in your coordinating color.

Special Stitches

  • To begin a row with LTC: Ch3, insert hook into first bump of chain, yo and pull up a loop, insert hook into second bump of chain, yo and pull up a loop, insert hook into next st, yo and pull up a loop (4 loops on hook). Yo and pull through two, yo and pull through two, yo and pull through two (triple/treble st made).
  • Linked half-double crochet stitch (Lhdc): to begin the step-up of a working row to a Lhdc, first place 1 hdc, using that st to begin your Lhdc sts. For a photo-tutorial of the linked half-double crochet stitch, click here
  • Linked double crochet stitch (LDC): for a photo-tutorial of the linked double crochet stitch, click here
  • Linked triple/treble crochet stitch (LTC): for a video and photo tutorial of the linked triple/treble crochet stitch, click here


HAT BODY *Tip: place stitch marker in the first stitch of the new round. Place a scrap piece of yarn to mark R9 (this makes it easier to count to R19)
R1: Start with a Magic Circle. Hdc 10 into the ring. Pull ring tight. (10)
R2: Work 2hdc into each stitch around. (20)
R3: Work *2hdc, hdc 1*, repeat ** around. (30)
R4: Work *2hdc, hdc 1 in next two sts*, repeat ** around. (40)
R5: Work *2hdc, hdc 1 in next three sts*, repeat ** around. (50)
R6: Work *2hdc, hdc 1 in next four sts*, repeat ** around. (60)
R7: Work *2hdc, hdc 1 in the next 9 sts*, repeat ** around. (66)
R8: Work 1 hdc in each st around. (66)
R9-19: Repeat R8. (66)
R20:  Repeat R8, turn. (66) *Tip: if you are working a two-tone hat, change color here with the last pull through of the last st in this round.

BRIM *Tip: Be mindful of your tension, as working linked stitches sometimes results in a tighter weave – you may want to go up a hook size if you find that your tension is too tight, as you don’t want your brim to crush your hat body.
1 dsc fig 2
R21: Ch3 (*see “Special Stitches” on how to start a row with linked sts), LTC in next 30 sts, LDC in next 15 sts, Lhdc in next 10 sts, sc in next 6 sts, sl st in next 5 sts placing the last st in the base of the ch3 (first st of the round), turn. (66)
R22: Ch1, sl st same st and in next 4 sts, sc in next 6 sts, 1 hdc in next st (*see “Special Stitches” on how to start linking sts within a working row), Lhdc in next 9 sts, LDC in next 15 sts, LTC in next 30 sts, turn. (66)
R23: Ch3, LTC in next 30 sts, LDC in next 15 sts, Lhdc in next 10 st, sc in next 6 sts, sl st in next 5 sts placing last st in 2nd ch of beginning round, turn. (66)
R24: Sl st in next 5 sts, sc in next 6 sts, 1 hdc in next st, Lhdc in next 9 sts, LDC in next 15 sts, LTC in next 30 sts, turn. (66)

R25: *Ch3, sk1, sc1*, repeat ** around to last st, sl st to base of beginning ch3. Finish off.

Weave in all ends using your tapestry needle. Fold your brim up at the natural line of the hat (R21) – adjust to your liking. Adorn your Downtown Style Cloche with a lightweight brooch, a crocheted large bow, ribbon bow, rolled ribbon rose, feathers – really whatever suits your fancy… Enjoy!
The Downton Style Cloche Free Crochet Pattern ~ The Hooked Haberdasher
The lovely Anne from My Giant Strawberry offers the beautiful Rose embellishment I used to adorn my hats. You can find her wonderful tutorial/pattern for the Rose here. Be sure to subscribe to her blog, as she is a fabulously talented artist and blogger.

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  • PDF instant download, Ads-free version available for a nominal fee here.

Suggested Yarns can be purchased at Michael’sHobby Lobby and Yarnspirations! My favorite crochet hooks are the Clover Amour Easygrip Handle which can be purchased through Amazon!

Many thanks to Moogly, My Giant Strawberry and CrochetSpot for their awesome tutorials!

©The Hooked Haberdasher, all rights reserved.


About thehookedhaberdasher

I was blessed with two dear Grandmothers who were wonderfully gifted and loved all the arts of handcrafting. At their knee, a wee little blonde girl learned the fine art of crochet under their wise and talented tutelage. Now that little girl has grown up and enjoys a lifestyle that affords me the time to put hooks, yummy yarns and fibers back into my hands, returning to the joy and fun of the art of handcrafted crochet. I am awed by the talent and creative patterns of modern new designers, but still enjoy the beauty of vintage patterns as well. My mind and hands are never idle, designing and handcrafting stylishly beautiful, practical, cozy, comfy, sweet and cute wearables and loveables for old and young alike. As a very detail oriented artist, I design and crochet with love, embracing the virtues bequested to me by those two beautiful Grandmothers.

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  1. Hi, Wendy this looks fabulous! Thanks for using my rose pattern. I’m happy it worked out so well for you!


    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      Thank you so much for the kudos, Anne! And Thank you EVER SO MUCH for your Rose Pattern – it works so perfectly with this hat! ♥ wendy


  2. This hat is so cute!! Thanks for sharing. I love to crochet. come visit me sometime!! Lisa


    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      Thank you and you’re welcome, Lisa – it sure is fun to make! Will pop over for a visit – thanks for the invite ♥ wendy


  3. Hermana SUAREZ

    I love it, My nice is going to look grate with it


  4. I finished this hat today, but it seems huge. If I go down a hook size or tighten up my stitches, would that help make it smaller? Thanks so much!!
    I love, love, love this hat!


    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      Good question, Andrea! My best advice is a tip I use when making all of my hat bodies – I work that portion of the hat inside out, which keeps me right on track for gauge. Then I turn it right side out to work the brim. Also, I usually do a swatch for gauge, just to make sure the yarn I choose will match the pattern’s gauge. Hope this helps you… and so glad you made your hat! ♥wendy


  5. awesome cloche hat pattern, two toned is even more unique and beautiful! Appreciate your sharing the free pattern!


  6. I love this hat. I started it the other day and I’m now up to row 21. I completed 30 stitches of LTC and I’m now stuck on how to switch to LDC for the next 15 stitches and Lhdc for the next 10 stitches and sc for the next 6 stitches. The switching of stitches is what I’m stuck on. Please help!


  7. I love this hat . I am hoping to make one very soon. I also really like the Color of lipstick the model is wearing. I would love to know the brand and color.


    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      Thank you for the kudos on the hat, Christy… I got quite the giggle with your question about my model’s lipstick color and brand – the answer is: Revlon, Black Cherry 🙂 Come back and show us your hat you make! ♥ Wendy


  8. Wendy I really appreciate all your work and showing us how to make them The hats are all beautiful! I love them all. Can’t wait to get started. Lena


    • thehookedhaberdasher1

      Thank you so much, Lena! It is so much fun to design, especially when fans like you appreciate my efforts 🙂 Come back and show off your hat when you get it finished – would love to see it! ♥ Wendy


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